What is Jesus' glory? What is it that shows his excellence, his goodness, his supremacy above all else? His readiness to walk the way of the cross.

This will be our theme in the spring term of 2018, as we spend time thinking on just what Jesus endured in the last 24 hours of his life - and the wonder that lay beyond it.

As those called to deny ourselves and "take up our cross daily" we'll also see what it means for us to walk in his footsteps.

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Thursday 30th November: 7pm
Bolnore School.
Christmas Wreath Workshop
A chance of ladies to get into the Christmas spirit with festive eats and drinks, a wreath to take home, and an understanding of what it symbolises about Christmas.
Places are going fast. Contact Bethan on 07864878985 to book.

Sunday 17th December: 4pm
The Woodside, Bolnore Village
Carols by Candlelight
A more classic carol service in a truly festive atmosphere. Creche provided, and Christmas activities for key stage 1 children. All followed by festive refreshments.

Sunday 24th Christmas Eve: 4pm
Family Christingle Service
The Woodside, Bolnore Village
Just 40 minute long and especifically engaging for children, with an appearance of Alfie the Bear. Arrive early. This is very popular. Followed by festive refreshments.

Monday 25th Christmas Day: 10am
All Age Celebration
The Woodside, Bolnore Village
60 minutes celebrating the greatest event in history, with a talk relevant to all.

Sunday 31st New Years Eve Service: 10.30am
Warden Park Primary Academy.
A joint service to welcome the New Year with Christ Church and Cuckfield Baptist. Note: this is at Warden Park Primary Academy and hosted by Christ Church.
Watch below for 3 minutes on Christmas 

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The 31 October marks 500 year since what's known as "the Reformation" - a hugely significant period in the history of the church that has formed western culture as it is today. And as God is unchanging, so his truth is as relevant in our day as it was then.

Starting on Sunday 5 November we are therefore going to mark this 500 years with five sermons that consider the contemporary significance of the five wonderful truths that were rediscovered during the reformation:

1) We rely on SCRIPTURE ALONE for our knowledge of God, so we can truly know him and his will.

2) We rely on CHRIST ALONE for the salvation and new life God gives, and so can have confidence that it really can be ours.

3) We rely on FAITH ALONE for receiving all he gives, and so are free from the burden of never managing to be good enough.

4) We rely on GRACE ALONE for acceptance before God, and so can be sure that his love for us will remain.

5) Everything is TO THE GLORY OF GOD ALONE and so our goal and purpose is found in joyfully giving all to him.

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Whether you consider yourself a committed Christian or not, we are delighted that you are seeking a church. Just turn up any Sunday at 4pm. You don't have to dress a certain way or bring anything with you. And you can be sure of a warm welcome.

Some come along just because they're interested in Christainity and want to find out more.

Others join us in support of what we're trying to do. South Haywards Heath lacks churches, and Bolnore Village had none. Our vision is therefore to grow a church for the Haywards Heath area centred on Bolnore Village. And we're always in need of more people to help in that.

Others are with us because they value our distinctives. They comment on five in particular:

(1) We are of a size that enables them to enjoy a genuine depth of friendship with others in the church. There is a real sense of being a caring and supportive church family that is made up of a whole variety of people.

(2) We have a vibrant children's and youth work that is not too large to feel intimidating, nor too small to lack benefit.

(3) We have a strong concern for those of all ages to feel equally a part of the church family. So children and teens benefit from properly getting to know others in the church rather than just their own peers, and from playing their own part in our services and other activities.

(4) We seek to ensure that at all levels of church life, we provide Bible teaching that is faithful, relevant, understandable and of a high quality.

(5) We meet at 4pm, benefiting those who are caught up with sport or other things in the mornings, as well as those needing to visit friends or family over the weekend. Some can't imagine meeting at this time. But those who try it come to really appreciate it.

If you are new to the area or without a suitable church, do pop along and get a feel for what we get up to. As we seek to establish a church for the area, we are especially keen to hear from any who live in Bolnore, South Haywards Heath and North Burgess Hill. Just turn up on a Sunday or give our minister a call.

Rob and Sarah joined us with their two daughters. They say:
The 4 o'clock start is great for families who want to spend time being together resting for the first part of a Sunday, and finishing off with church. We received a warm welcome at Grace Church when attending for the first time - the correct balance between being welcoming and not smothering new arrivals. We have been to to other churches where children were put first but Grace offers a more Jesus centred preparation for secondary school and adult life. The hospitality is great too.
Links you may find useful are:

How can I decide which church?
If you are a committed Christian, the Bible's priorities would suggest the following questions are key in choosing a church:
1] Am I (and my family) able to attend it most weeks?
2] Is Christ central and the Bible well taught so that we can be thoroughly built up in faith and equipped in service?
3] Do the church family display genuine love for God, one-another and the world and have a community life in which we can be welcomed and supported?
4] Is the church located sufficiently close to my home so that we can reach out to our non-Christian friends through it? 

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