On Saturday 23 September we are holding our first Harvest Barn Dance. Children are free. Details below. If you would like to book a ticket please contact us through the form on the website and let us know how many adults and children will be coming.

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Whether you would consider yourself a committed Christian or not, we are delighted that you are seeking a church. Just turn up any Sunday at 4pm. You don't have to dress a certain way or bring anything with you. And you can be sure of a warm welcome.

We are fortunate to have a number of good churches in the Haywards Heath area. Nevertheless, those who have joined us comment on five key things that seem to distinguish us as a church:

(1) We have a vibrant children's and youth work that is not too large to feel intimidating, nor too small to lack benefit.

(2) We have a strong vision for those of all ages to feel equally a part of the church family. So children and teens benefit from properly getting to know others in the church rather than just their own peers, and from playing their own part in our services and other activities.

(3) We are of a size that enables us to enjoy a genuine depth of fellowship. There is a real sense of being a caring and supportive church family.

(4) We seek to ensure that high quality and relevant teaching of the Bible is central to all levels of church life.

(5) We meet at 4pm, benefiting those who are caught up with sport or other things in the mornings, as well as those needing to visit friends or family over the weekend. Some can't imagine meeting at this time. But those who try it come to really appreciate it.

If you are new to the area or without a suitable church, we would love you to consider joining with us. We are especially keen to hear from any who live in Bolnore or South Haywards Heath. Just turn up on a Sunday, or give our minister a call.

Rob and Sarah joined us with their two daughters. They say:
The 4 o'clock start is great for families who want to spend time being together resting for the first part of a Sunday, and finishing off with church. We received a warm welcome at Grace Church when attending for the first time - the correct balance between being welcoming and not smothering new arrivals. We have been to to other churches where children were put first but Grace offers a more Jesus centred preparation for secondary school and adult life. The hospitality is great too.
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How can I decide which church?
If you are a committed Christian, the Bible's priorities would suggest the following questions are key in choosing a church:
1] Am I (and my family) able to attend it most weeks?
2] Is Christ central and the Bible well taught so that we can be thoroughly built up in faith and equipped in service?
3] Do the church family display genuine love for God, one-another and the world and have a community life in which we can be welcomed and supported?
4] Is the church located sufficiently close to my home so that we can reach out to our non-Christian friends through it? 

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