Pentecost this year is 20 May. 

It's the day that Christians all over the world celebrate the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the Jewish harvest festival of Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2.

The fact that Pentecost was originally a harvest festival is significant. The Holy Spirit not only equips the Christian to serve and be godly, but gives them courage to share their faith so that a great harvest of people might be gathered into God's kingdom.

We are marking Pentecost this year in three ways:

12.30 Enjoying lunch: A church family bring and share lunch at Old House Farm, Rocky Lane, RH16 4RW. To mark how the gospel has gone to the nations we encourage those who want to, to bring a dish from another country, or a salad or pudding - and something to drink.

16:00 Considering mission: A representative from the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) will be speaking at Grace Church, informing us about their work and encouraging us to play our own part in mission. Mission partners that we support in Asia are part of OMF.

19:00 United prayer: For those that can make it, Mid-Sussex churches are gathering at the Kings Centre in Burgess Hill as part of the national ThyKingdomCome prayer initiative, to pray for people throughout mid-sussex to turn to Christ.

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Ours is a soundbite society. Words are so often used and ideas passed on with little thought.

In May we will therefore consider four of the buzz words of our age:

1) Identity: Who exactly are we, and how is our true identity found and formed?

2) Equality: In what senses are we really equal and intended to seek equality?

3) Freedom: How now should we live, and how should we understand rights?

4) Love: What is it, and is it always to be embraced?

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Social Media. The internet. The poor. The environment. Education. Gender. Developing a devotional faith. Reaching out to others.

Some issues need more time and interaction than sermons can give,  and more guidance that may be possible in community groups. Once a term we therefore tackle a key issue in seminar form at a Big Breakfast.

Everyone comes. We enjoy breakfast and then the children hang out together under supervision whilst the rest of us consider the topic for the day.

The details of our next breakfast are in the picture. We hope you will come along and join us.

Please RSVP using the contact form on this website.

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Join us for
Saturday 7-Sunday 8 July 2018
(friday night too if possible)

Cost: £15 per person
(Years 6 and under go free)

We hope that every regular at Grace Church will come. Our yearly weekend away is a always a highlight in the year, and a fantastic way to get to know one-another.

Past Grace Church folk and anyone else are of course welcome too. The more the merrier.
Spending time and having fun with the church family in beautiful countryside. Great Bible teaching from Julian Bidgood, minister of Barkham Church. We will be looking at "Psalms to sustain us." There will be separate teaching and activities for the children. Fun, games, lovely walks, maybe a dip in the lake for the brave - and Sanderson-quality food, which once experienced is never forgotten. 

You can arrive from 5pm on Friday for a social evening and camping, or before 8am for breakfast on Saturday or 9.30am on Saturday for the first teaching session. Most of Saturday afternoon and evening will be free for games, walks, a bouncy castle (for the children!), and possibly a swim. Sunday morning we will relax, have an All Age celebration to end the weekend and head off home for lunch. There will be no 4pm service that Sunday.

Where? Guy and Laura Sanderson’s house: Little Sele, Lower Beeding, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 6PR.

I’m in. How do I sign up?
E-mail Jon through the contact form in the footer of this webpage to book you/your family in and specify what time you intend to arrive.

Although the cost of food will be £15 per head for the weekend (primary school aged children and below are free), the actual cost will be more. So if you are able to donate more to cover your full cost or help towards others please do. 

Please either pay online (details from Jon) or give a cheque payable to Grace Church Haywards Heath to Jon. And once you have paid you are booked in! [Please note: Booking is important for catering purposes – so please do book by the end of June.] 

If the cost might prevent you from coming, please don’t let it. Rather speak to Jon in confidence – we would love as many as possible from the church family to come.

What will I need to bring?
Tent(s) to sleep in, sleeping bags, mats/airbeds, clothes suitable for exploring the countryside. Do ask around if you need to borrow anything.

Can I get a bed?
There are a very limited number of beds available at the Sandersons’. If you cannot or really would rather not camp, please contact Laura on 07900 898263. Beds will be given on a first come first served basis. Alternative, some choose to commute each day from Haywards Heath. It is only a 15-20 min drive.

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Whether you consider yourself a committed Christian or not, we are delighted that you are seeking a church. Just turn up any Sunday at 4pm. You don't have to dress a certain way or bring anything with you. And you can be sure of a warm welcome.

Some come along just because they're interested in Christainity and want to find out more.

Others join us in support of what we're trying to do. South Haywards Heath lacks churches, and Bolnore Village had none. Our vision is therefore to grow a church for the Haywards Heath area centred on Bolnore Village. And we're always in need of more people to help in that.

Others are with us because they value our distinctives. They comment on five in particular:

(1) We are of a size that enables them to enjoy a genuine depth of friendship with others in the church. There is a real sense of being a caring and supportive church family that is made up of a whole variety of people.

(2) We have a vibrant children's and youth work that is not too large to feel intimidating, nor too small to lack benefit.

(3) We have a strong concern for those of all ages to feel equally a part of the church family. So children and teens benefit from properly getting to know others in the church rather than just their own peers, and from playing their own part in our services and other activities.

(4) We seek to ensure that at all levels of church life, we provide Bible teaching that is faithful, relevant, understandable and of a high quality.

(5) We meet at 4pm, benefiting those who are caught up with sport or other things in the mornings, as well as those needing to visit friends or family over the weekend. Some can't imagine meeting at this time. But those who try it come to really appreciate it.

If you are new to the area or without a suitable church, do pop along and get a feel for what we get up to. As we seek to establish a church for the area, we are especially keen to hear from any who live in Bolnore, South Haywards Heath and North Burgess Hill. Just turn up on a Sunday or give our minister a call.

Rob and Sarah joined us with their two daughters. They say:
The 4 o'clock start is great for families who want to spend time being together resting for the first part of a Sunday, and finishing off with church. We received a warm welcome at Grace Church when attending for the first time - the correct balance between being welcoming and not smothering new arrivals. We have been to to other churches where children were put first but Grace offers a more Jesus centred preparation for secondary school and adult life. The hospitality is great too.
Links you may find useful are:

How can I decide which church?
If you are a committed Christian, the Bible's priorities would suggest the following questions are key in choosing a church:
1] Am I (and my family) able to attend it most weeks?
2] Is Christ central and the Bible well taught so that we can be thoroughly built up in faith and equipped in service?
3] Do the church family display genuine love for God, one-another and the world and have a community life in which we can be welcomed and supported?
4] Is the church located sufficiently close to my home so that we can reach out to our non-Christian friends through it? 

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