Our beliefs

Those from the whole range of Christian backgrounds have found a happy home amongst us.

We are mainstream in our beliefs, holding to the Apostles and Nicene Creeds (statements of belief) which are affirmed by all major streams of Christianity and date right back to the third century.

We are also classed as an evangelical church. This simply means that we prioritise sharing and believing the gospel or good news ('evangel' in Greek) about Jesus Christ. This 'good news' comprises the truths that the Bible would have us treat as of first importance. We happily therefore subscribe to the classic statements of evangelical belief such as those of the Evangelical Alliance or the Fellowship of Independant Evangelical Churches. Our own statement of faith is based on the latter.

Some may be interested to know that we are also reformed in our convictions and practice, cherishing and wanting to promote the sort of high view of God and his grace that marked the Reformation. This means that we can also affirm the central truths of the Church of England's 39 Articles and of the Westminster standards.