Some people

Of course every church member is expected to play their part in furthering God's kingdom. In that sense we are all ministers. Nevertheless, you may wish to be able to identify the following people.

Our Leadership Team

The Bible uses three terms to refer to church leaders: 'Elder' refers to the fact they are mature Christians; 'overseer' to their role in overseeing, praying for and nurturing the life of the church community; and 'pastor' (meaning shepherd) to their particular role of gathering and feeding their flock, fetching strays and caring for those that struggle as they teach and strengthen people with God's word the Bible.

We have two overseers, but also a trainee minister, woman's worker, and all sorts of others who serve in numerous ways.

Jon Hobbs
Jon is married to Bethan with three children. He is our minister, and has particular responsibility for teaching, for overseeing the word ministries of the church, and supporting those with more complex pastoral needs. Jon also leads one of our Wednesday evening community group.

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Luke Thomas
Luke is married to Claire with five children. He works in business, and alongside his general role as an elder he has particular responsibility for overseeing the financial matters of Grace Church and co-ordinating our Sunday evening community group.

Other Staff

Dan Woodfield
Dan is our trainee minister, studying for ministry one day a week whilst working for the church with the rest of his time. He is involved in all aspects of church life but particularly in co-ordinating our youth work. He also helps in the running of children and youth Camps.

Claire Thomas
Claire is married to Luke. She is employed two days a week as a woman's worker, seeking to support, encourage and teach the Bible amongst women. Claire is also a trained counselor.

Key Co-ordinators

Bethan Hobbs
Bethan is married to Jon,
and co-ordinates the Wednesday morning
community group and Messy Church.

Poppy Nunn
Poppy co-ordinates the Friday morning community group.

Alex Browning
Alex is an actuary and our treasurer, co-ordinating financial matters. He also co-ordinates one of our Wednesday evening community groups and runs "the money course" for any who would value advice on handling their finances.


Because Grace Church is a registered charity, it also has trustees who are responsible for ensuring it does what it was set up as a charity to do, and that it complies with relevant laws. Our trustees meet a number of times a year for this reason. They are Jon Hobbs, Luke Thomas, Alex Browning and Vicki Ardran. If you would like to contact the trustees, please do so through Jon or via the contact form on this website.