About Grace Church

Ours is a growing church of warm-hearted Christians, of various ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Some have been Christians for a while, some are new to the faith, and we are joined by some who are just considering Christianity. We are delighted to have quite a few children and teenagers as well, making things somewhat informal and contemporary in feel.

Our vision

...to grow a church for the Haywards Heath area centred on Bolnore Village and shaped in all we do by four particular values:

1) Treasuring Christ and so serving him wholeheartedly.
2) Prioritising Church as the hub from which this service flows.
3) Embracing Truth in applying the Bible to every sphere.
4) Living Mission by reflecting and sharing Christ in all we do.

We would love to hear from any who want to play a part in furthering this vision. By it, our hope and prayer is to fulfil Christ's great commission to multiply mature disciples and churches that will do the same.

Our history

Grace Church began in 2008 simply as an outreach initiative from All Saints' Lindfield, meeting in the town centre. After being overseen by All Saints' and then Christ Church Haywards Heath, in January 2012 the Grace Church congregation asked Jon Hobbs to join their leadership team as their minister.

With new homes being built for around 5000 people, the need for a church in south Haywards Heath had been a concern of the town's churches for some time. So with their encouragement, in January 2013 Grace Church began a monthly Messy Church in Bolnore, with Jon and his family moving into the village a couple of months later. On 8 March 2015 Grace Church then relocated to the Woodside community centre to meet every Sunday as a regular church. This way of starting a new church is often called church planting.

Although Grace Church remains a church for the whole Haywards Heath area with many travelling in, it therefore has a particular focus on Bolnore as well. And so we are particularly keen for Christians in or near the village to consider joining with us as we seek to serve this growing part of the town.

Our affiliations

Grace Church is what's termed an independent church. This means that it is self-governing. However, it doesn't mean we stand alone. We are affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), a group of around 600 churches representing 50,000 people with a shared commitment to "independent churches working together." We are also a member of the Sussex Gospel Partnership (SGP) for which Jon works two days a week as their associate trainer. The SGP comprises churches from numerous denominations, all working towards a vision of seeing "a growing gospel church in every Sussex community." 

More locally, Grace Church retains close links with All Saints' and Christ Church, and Jon belongs to the Haywards Heath and District Evangelical Fellowship.

See also "seeking a church."