Church family life

At Grace Church we are keen to develop our life together as best we can. Some of the ways we try to do so are as follows:

1) By belonging to community groups where we can better get to know, learn from, support and be supported by a number of Christians.

2) By being open about our faith, being ready, instinctively and informally, to talk about and encourage others in the things of God.

3) By contributing in our gatherings when we feel it appropriate, with insights or questions, with our gifts, with encouragements, with prayers or prayer needs. 

4) By enjoying hospitality so that we regularly eat together and spend time together, and especially welcome and host not just our particular friends, but those who are new to the church, in need, or who may have less social contact.

5) By sharing our lives by inviting other Christians to join us in the everyday things such as an evening out or a trip with children to the park, and so deepening our relationships without needing to invest more time.

6) By considering people's needs, and so thinking of what we might do for the immigrant who begins attending church, the single parent struggling with their children, or the church member struck down by illness - and then taking the initiative in doing it.

7) By including non-Christians in all this, intentionally and informally, so that they witness how we are together as evidence that God is at work and the gospel is true. Here, we encourage all members to read the book 'Everyday Church' as it has been pretty formative for us as a church.