We are very aware of our need to gain a truly Christan wordlview, that is to see everything through God's eyes. This is particularly important as we seek to ride the waves of a society that is increasingly confused as to matters of truth. 

Masterclass is our attempt to try and address this. We wanted to provide some more indepth and systematic teaching than would be received in a Sunday meeting, but aware of people's time constraints, we recognise that for all to attend a course over a matter of months would not be feasible.

At the beginning of every term, we therefore hold two teaching evenings for everyone from secondary school age and upwards. We hope all regulars will make this an absolute priority and ask them to let us know if they need babysitters.

Such an emphasis on teaching may be new to some, but it reflects our call to be 'disciples' which means 'pupils' of Jesus. The curriculum we are covering is below.Talks that have been recorded have links so they can be listened to.

Year 1:
Summer 12: Understanding our world: Culture1, culture 1, rationalism, relativism
Autumn 12: Why we believe: Reason/Pointers, Scripture, Jesus, Lifestyle
Term 3: Issues in sexuality
Year 2:
Term 4: Doctrine 1: God, Bible, Creation, Fall
Term 5: Doctrine 2: Christ, Atonement, Holy Spirit, Church
Term 6: Spiritual disciplines: Bible x2, Prayer, Church/sacraments
Year 3:
Term 1: 10Cs: The law/God, Parenting, Sanctity of life, Marriage
Term 2: 10Cs: Work, Justice, Contentment/Money, Godliness/Love
Term 3: Ministry: serving/gifts, time, why evangelise, how evangelise