Our priorities

Reflecting Jesus' words in Matthew 28v18-20, our particular mission is "to glorify God by making deeper disciples in the Haywards Heath area and beyond."

Convinced of God's purposes for authentic Christian communities in our often broken world, our particular vision is "to be a magnetically caring and gospel centred community that keeps focused on fulfilling this mission."

The priorities by which we seek under God to fulfil this are the S.I.M.P.L.E ones he values for his church:
  1. Rigour with Scripture
  2. Focused Involvement
  3. Front-footed Mission
  4. Pervasive Prayer
  5. Magnetic Love
  6. Wholehearted Enthusiasm
Rigour with Scripture:
In aiming for a deeper discipleship, we seek to have God’s word inform and transform every aspect of our being and every sphere of our lives. Whatever our age, we therefore desire and expect to be stretched by the teaching and work hard at understanding the Bible in the knowledge that it is God’s Word and so his means of speaking to us even today.

Focused Involvement:
Ours is a busy age. To ensure none are overloaded and everyone grows through serving, all play some part in church life, and ministries are furthered or initiated only according to the gifts and concerns God seems to be giving those within the church. Moreover, we seek to develop leaders to maintain and multiply such ministry, whilst maximising our effectiveness and maintaining space for relationships outside church by focusing our time, resource and energy only on what best promotes Christ and disciples believers, especially amongst families and those without other church links.

Front-footed Mission:
It is only too easy just wait for interest in others or drip in the gospel in a way that may barely be noticed. By contrast, whether personally or corporately, we seek to sensitively, creatively and actively make and take gospel opportunities that are relevant to the culture we are engaging and enable a clear presentation of the good news we long to share. In particular, we hope in the future to plant and establish new churches to this end.

Pervasive Prayer
Whether praising God for his kindnesses or petitioning him to further our work, we seek to cover all that we do in prayer. This includes developing our daily prayer-life but also regularly gathering to pray as a church, recognising that God gives this a particular potency.

Magnetic Love:
It is their love for one-another that Jesus intended to mark out his disciples, and the good they do in love that he intended to draw non-Christians to consider thir message. This is to move beyond general niceness to giving a true and compelling taste of God’s kingdom. So we seek to instinctively notice and meet each others’ needs whilst, where possible, making sacrifices to care for and welcome the needy we come across in our town, neighbourhood and workplaces.

Wholehearted Enthusiasm
Joyful devotion to God is the key mark of Christian community. So we seek a heart-felt and whole-hearted commitment to him in all these things, ensuring our service is given not out of a sense of duty but with real delight in pleasing our great and gracious God.