Key dates for the diary

As we draw towards a new term there is much coming up for prayer and for putting into your diaries. It seems like a lot because we are entering a new season, but we have been very careful to ensure that extra evenings are not taken up so time is kept free for life outside church and for non-Christian friendships etc. Nevertheless, some key dates for the next month or so are as follows:
  • Our monthly prayer meeting takes place from 8-9.30pm on 5 September atSummercroft, Summerhill Drive, Lindfield, RH16 2AR.
  • Our half day of prayer is going to take place at Brookthorpe, Victoria Road, Balcombe, RH17 6LJ from 12-3.30pm the following Sunday 9 September. This is a critical time for hearing about and ensuring we are looking to the Lord for all our endeavours this term. Do come if at all possible. You do not need to be someone who is happy praying out loud to be involved.
  • Masterclass takes place again, from 7.30-9.30 in the URC building on Tuesdays 11 and 18 September. This is a chance for some more indepth teaching, this term on 'why we believe,' clarifying the firm foundation and evidence on which faith rests. Our prayer is that this will equip us for our evangelism, and help us stand firm when trouble or uncertainity hits. As last time, Salt and Community groups will not take place on these weeks so all can come. Do let us know if you are struggling to find babysitters.
  • Community Groups begin as follows: The morning group (now becoming two) with a coffee and pastry morning on Friday 7 September at Summercroft, Summerhill Drive, Lindfield, RH16 2AR. The evening group with a discussion of the book Kings Cross by Tim Keller on Wednesday 26 September at 4 Lucas Grange. If you haven't previously been in one of these groups, do think and pray about whether you could commit to coming this term. We are keen that every regular at the church is in one. They are the key place to hear about what is going on, get to know others better, pray and encourage each other etc.
  • Luke Nunn is being baptised at lunch time on Sunday 23 September. More details to follow.
  • It is important we have at least termly church family meetings as an opportunity to clarify where we feel the Lord is leading us as a church, to take questions comments etc from everyone. We are keen as always not to take up extra evenings to keep time free for family and relationships outside church. So this church meeting is going to precede the October prayer meeting, from 8-9pm on 3 October, as usual at 4 Lucas Grange. We will then pray home what we've talked about from 9-10pm. We hope this prayerful context to the meeting will ensure it maintains it's focus on the Lord rather than on mere business. Again, please do prioritise this if at all possible.
  • On 6 October we have our first Saturday afternoon of outreach on the High Street. We feel it important that we step out in faith and try and make the most of the location the Lord has given us. It will entail short 7min talks on each hour that we go onto the streets and invite folk to. It seems likely we will call it 'Take 15' stressing that it is about taking 15mins out from the busyness for a drink, bite of food, and to listen to something interesting. If you are able to be around that afternoon to provide numbers, prayer support or whatever, we would be very appreciative. Do also let Christians in other churches know, as the more there are, the better the feel.
It is exciting to see the potential for God's kingdom as we look towards the next few months. A final quote to encourage you:
"You can do more than pray after you have prayed; but you can never do more than pray until you have prayed."  A.J. Gordon