Week of Prayer and Dedication

Every year we give to a week of prayer, committing ourselves and our year to the Lord. This year, this stretches from Sunday 11-Sunday 18 January.

The program is below. If possible, can we encourage you to try and get to at least two prayer meetings and the half night of prayer this coming friday. For those who would like to, we're also suggesting tomorrow (Monday) could be a day to fast and pray (if you are a teenager, you should check your parents are happy with you fasting).

To read a briefing on fasting click here. The idea would be that you give your meal times to personal prayer for yourself and the church.

Sunday 11/1 
Pre-church: 15:15-15:45: Luke (church)
Focus: the service, the week of prayer and hearts that love God and want to serve this year

Monday 12/1
Early morning: 06:30-07:15: Jon (1 Myra Mews, RH16 3SW)
Focus: honouring God in the workplace, managing time, our society and government

Tuesday 13/1
Evening: 19:30-21:00: David (30 Beckworth Lane, RH16 2EH)
Focus: kids@4, SALT, evangelism

Wednesday 14/1
Daytime: 10:00-11:30: Emma (1 Kingfisher Drive, RH16 4X)
Focus: community groups, families

Evening: 20:00-21:30: Jon (1 Kingfisher Drive, RH16 4X)
Focus: evangelism, move to Bolnore, world mission

Thursday 15/1
Evening: 20:00-21:30: Luke (30 Beckworth Lane, RH16 2EH)
Focus: main meetings, ministry of the word in our church, the church in our town, nation and world

Friday 16/1
Daytime: 10:00-11:30: Emma (1 Myra Mews, RH16 3SW).
Focus: kids@4, evangelism

Nightime: 19:30-23:59: David (4 Lucas Grange, RH16 1JS).
Focus: All areas.

Sunday 18/1
Pre-church: 15:15-15:45: Jon (church)
Focus: the service, for hearts that love God and want to serve this year