The 31 October marks 500 year since what's known as "the Reformation" - a hugely significant period in the history of the church that has formed western culture as it is today. And as God is unchanging, so his truth is as relevant in our day as it was then.

Starting on Sunday 5 November we are therefore going to mark this 500 years with five sermons that consider the contemporary significance of the five wonderful truths that were rediscovered during the reformation:

1) We rely on SCRIPTURE ALONE for our knowledge of God, so we can truly know him and his will.

2) We rely on CHRIST ALONE for the salvation and new life God gives, and so can have confidence that it really can be ours.

3) We rely on FAITH ALONE for receiving all he gives, and so are free from the burden of never managing to be good enough.

4) We rely on GRACE ALONE for acceptance before God, and so can be sure that his love for us will remain.

5) Everything is TO THE GLORY OF GOD ALONE and so our goal and purpose is found in joyfully giving all to him.