What is God actually doing in space-time-history? What is it all about? What are we all about? Where are things heading? How should that affect us now?

There are few questions more important or engaging than these ones. And they will be answered as we plot the story of everything from Genesis to Revelation, from the moment the universe began to its renewal and beyond.

We have a few one of sermons, explaining the gaps in the dates below. But the series will be as follows:

Episode 1 : 16 Sept : God creates humanity: Why we are here (Gen 1v26-31)
Episode 2 : 23 Sept : God deals with a rebellion: Why life is hard (Gen 3)
Episode 3 : 7 Oct : God makes a promise: Why there's always hope (Gen 12v1-7)
Episode 4 : 14 Oct : God forms a people: We're called to be his (Gen 50v15-26)
Episode 5 : 21 Oct : God re-establishes his rule: We're called to obey (Ex 19)
Episode 6 : 28 Oct : God gives a land: A choice we all face (Deut 30v11-20)
Episode 7 : 4 Nov : God appoints his kings: A ruler we really need (1 Chron 17v1-14)
Episode 8 : 18 Nov : God builds anticipation: Appreciating grace (Ezek 36v16-38)
Episode 9 : 25 Nov : God proves a point: Waiting patiently (Neh 9v22-39)
Episode 10 : 2 Dec : God sends his Saviour: Delighting in Christ (Lk 1v67-79)
Episode 11 : 9 Dec : God re-forms humanity: Living for the future (Acts 2)
Episode 12 : 16 Dec : God puts all things right: Be steady and be ready (Rev 22v12-17)