Grace Church hosts all sorts of events to help Christians grow in their faith, and for those who might just be considering Christianity to progress in their thinking. Here's something of what's coming up. Click on the image to view its information.

Midlife - 21 Nov: A humerous flyer but a serious evening for those in their 40s, 50s even 60s, and anyone else starting to feel the pressures and suprising feelings that go with midlife - or those wanting to be prepared. This is instead of the wednesday evening community groups that week. A great one to come to as couples too.

Wreath making - 1 Dec: Our very popular yearly ladies event in preparing for Christmas. Come and learn how to make a wreath, hearing something of what it means, and go home with your very own to hang on yoour door. Whether you come to Grace Church or not, do book in with Bethan and bring a friend (0784878985)

A season with a reason - 6 Dec: A warm and accessible evening for those who are intrigued about Christianity to hear something of what we believe. Cafe Nero baristas serving, live music and a great atmosphere. To get a feel, click the video here.

Christmas - 16-25 Dec: It's that time of year. We do hope you will join us, whether you are from Bolnore, the wider area or beyond, whether you have a faith or not. Come, enjoy and consider the message of Christmas.

The difference - 9 Feb: Tom Mawer was dealing heroin from his push bike when aged 11, and grew up to play his own part in the brutal world of drug crime. During this evening of live music and interview, we will hear Tom tell the story of his journey from hard crime to Christ, and consider what lies at the heart of the Christian message that can make this sort of difference.