We would love as many as possible to attend our services in person at the Woodside, and do have a few outdoor seats under a gazebo if you would prefer to sit there. If you are interested in that, let the leadership know, and we will accommodate you if there is room. However, we ask that any who have possible covid symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate do not come at all. Our creche and groups for primary aged children are now running again, but if you’d rather keep your children with you that’s absolutely fine.


Because infections are still a concern, we will ensure good ventilation, are asking people to bring their own refreshments, and encourage the following in those who do come to the Woodside:


  1. If you have lateral flow tests at home, do consider testing yourself before you come.

  2. Please sanitize your hands as you enter the Woodside with the sanitizer provided.

  3. If you would like to wear a facemask, please do. And if you would like to sit with others wearing face masks, we have designated the back rows for you, which are better ventilated.

  4. If you would rather not wear a facemask, please don’t feel any pressure to. But we ask that you fill up the Woodside from the front.

  5. If possible, please keep one seat’s distance between your household and other’s.

  6. If you or your family use the loo, please wipe clean everything you touch.

  7. If after the service you come down with covid, contact the church leaders to find out who would be regarded as a “close contact.” Close contacts who might have to self-isolate are only: 1/ those who have sat within 2m of someone who was infected for more than 15 minutes 2/ those who have been within 1m of an infected individual for over a minute 3/ those who have had a face to face conversation with them within 1m.


Please also remember:

  • To bring facemasks if you want to wear one.

  • To bring a Bible, and pen if you need one.

  • To ensure you’ve all been to the loo beforehand.