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Jesus spoke of his message being one of true freedom. It is to have our hearts changed so that our deepest desire is to honour Christ as king and live by his ways. Here we will work out what that looks like in the day to day.

  1. Lk 5v33-39 Celebrate Jesus

  2. Lk 6v1-11 Prioritize goodness

  3. Lk 6v12-19 Maximise prayer

  4. Lk 6v20-26 Maintain perspective

  5. Lk 6v27-36 Learn kindness

  6. Lk 6v37-42 Display grace

  7. Lk 6v43-45 Look within

  8. Lk 6v46-49 Obey Christ

  9. Lk 7v1-10 Trust Christ

  10. Lk 7v11-17 Recognize Christ

  11. Lk 7v18-35 Accept Christ

  12. Lk 7v36-50 Love Christ

  13. Lk 8v1-14 Persevere with Christ

  14. Lk 8v16-21 Listen carefully

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