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If you do not come to our church but are excited about what we are doing, we would most value your prayers.


It may be that you would like to give financially to support the work. If so, we are very grateful indeed. Please click here for a standing order and gift aid form.


Our treasurer is Sally Bannister. To email Sally, please fill in the contact form on our website specifying your email is for her.


If you are a regular, we hope you will read this leaflet on giving, and then give to support God's work amongst us. We aim as regulars to give a minimum of 5% of our income to the church. Although, recognising the huge need, we also aim to increase this where at all possible.


The vast majority of this money goes directly to funding the various ministries of Grace Church. However, the elders and trustees can also decide to give from central funds to any in the congregation they judge to be suffering financial hardship. Moreover, church members can give a lump sum to such people through the church if the elders and trustees agree on the need.


In term of Grace Church's support of mission and the poor more broadly, the church gives away 10% of what it receives to a missionary couple working amongst people with very little in a Muslim majority country, and to a church ministering in a deprived area of Sussex.


We are very thankful to God for all that our members give. Please do contact our treasurer for standing order and gift aid forms.


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