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Baptism (sometimes known as 'christening' for children)

Grace Church holds what is called a dual policy on baptism. Some believe the Bible teaches that children should wait on baptism until able to make their parents' faith their own. We hold a dedication service for these children in which the parents dedicate themselves to raising their child in the faith. Others believe the Bible teaches that the children of believers should be baptised as infants, as a sign of God's promises to them on account of their parents' faith. These children are therefore baptised, and confirm their baptismal vows when coming to own their parents' faith for themselves as they grow up.

Baptism marks out those who belong to the community of God’s people (the church) because of their faith in Jesus Christ. For infants, it therefore entails certain beliefs on behalf of at least one of the child’s parents, as their representative, together with a promise to regularly attend our church with the child. We find that some who inquire about baptism of their children do not fully appreciate this. We also therefore offer a thanksgiving service for parents who, after consideration, find that they cannot with integrity make such commitments.

If you would like to be baptised, would like your child to be baptised, or you are interested in a dedication service, thanksgiving service, or confirmation, do contact us through the form on this website or call/text our minister Jon (07508394499) who will chat the next stage through with you.

Your Wedding

If you have links with Grace Church and would like our church or one of our leaders involved in your wedding, do contact us through the form on this website or call/text our minister Jon (07508394499) who will chat this through with you. (Please ensure that you do not book your reception or honeymoon until you have first discussed everything with him).


We are sorry that you are in need of a funeral service. These should initially be organised through a Funeral Director. However, if you would like our Minister involved, do mention that to the Funeral Director, who will contact him to arrange this

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