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"Rooted" is a course written by our minister to help the Christian more firmly plant their faith and life in the Bible. It covers the whole range of Christian beliefs and what it means to live by them.


There are 18 studies which could be studied in a number of ways:


1) One a day could be done, covering six a week over three weeks. This would work especially well during advent.

2) Each day's study could be split in two as (1) the reflection and (2) the Bible questions. This would mean the material could be covered over 36 days during Lent, leaving four days in lieu for catch up.

2) You could meet with another Christian once every week or so to discuss two or three at a time - so requiring six or nine times meeting together.

3) If you have a teenager, you could do this with them.

4) You could look at them this way in your community group over six or nine weeks.

You can download the course by clicking here.


If you are studying it, please do let Jon know by emailing him through the contact form.

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