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"Living Mission" is one of our core values as a church. It reminds us that the vast majority of our Christian service takes place between Monday and Saturday and outside of church gatherings. As a church we recognize that Christ would have us shape every sphere of our lives to his will as we seek to share something of him with others.

Once a term we therefore hold an All Life Matters evening that is intended to help us do that in the three key spheres of life:

  • Work or Retirement Matters (autumn term)

  • Parenting Matters (spring term)

  • Marriage Matters (summer term)

Dates and details are provided through our regular church communications. But to think on these three areas further we recommend the following books:

  • The principle of serving Christ in every sphere ("Fruitfulness on the Frontline" by Mark Greene)

  • Work ("Every good endeavour" by Tim Keller)

  • Retirement ("Nearly home" by Billy Graham)

  • Parenting ("Parenting against the Tide" by Anne Benton)

  • Marriage ("Married for God" by Christopher Ash)

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