Do you sense there must be more to life? Can we really know?


For all sorts of reasons, we are not only convinced that there is a God, but that he is personal, good and in control, and can be truly known in the person of Jesus Christ, who really is calling people to enjoy a new and everlasting life with him.


Grace Church welcomes all who are 'just looking' - who just want to explore what this is all about without pressure.


At certain times, we put on special events that we hope will help you consider things further. But throughout the year, we run enquirers' courses specifically for those who would tentatively like to consider Christianity or just brush up on the basics again.


All our enquirers courses are relaxed, warm, and provide a forum where any question whatsoever can be asked. They do not include things like praying or singing, and can be done with someone one to one, or with others. All we suggest is that you come to one session and see what you think.


If you are interested in booking in, hearing more, or just meeting for a chat with Jon - our minister, do contact us through the form on this website or call/text him on 07508394499.


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