When not in a pandemic, every Sunday we meet at 4pm in the Woodside. You are very welcome whatever your age or background, and whatever faith if any you have. You don't have to dress a certain way, nor bring anything with you. And everything is easy to follow.


Refreshments are available from 3.45pm and our meeting ends around 5.30pm, when we have more refreshments. For reasons why we meet at this time click here.


We feel a deep concern to help those of secondary school age make their faith their own and be fully prepared to continue with Christ when they leave home. Children from year 7/8 and on therefore remain throughout the service, and we ensure that the songs, prayers and talk engage this group as well as those of us who are older.


Younger children attend the first part of the meeting before leaving for their Kids@4 Sunday School groups. Those from reception to year 2 leave after the first song, and enjoy having tea together after their groups finish. Years 3-6/7 stay in a little longer so that they learn to acclimatize to church, leaving before the sermon. All are finished by around 5.30pm, when the service finishes.


A creche is also run each week for babies and pre-schoolers. But we are more than happy if parents wish to keep their children in with them if they would prefer.


During August the children watch an appropriate DVD instead of doing kids@4, and there is no tea.


On the last Sunday of the month (except August), we also meet at 3pm at the Woodside for Messy Church after which those that wish to stay on for our normal 4pm service.