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At Grace Church we're keen to play our own part in the Bolnore and Haywards Heath community, helping those in need and just getting to now those we live amongst. As a church, we are delighted to be involved in village organisations - hosting the beavers/cubs/scouts Christmas services, volunteering at the school and having our minister on the governing body there. But we are also involved further afield, running services at Oakwood Court residential home where we love getting to know the residents. Here are some ways you might get involved in the local community. Click the grey links for more information.

1) Enrol your child in in Bolnore's pre-school.
2) Enrol your child in Bolnore's primary school and join the PTA or governors.
3) Enrol in the personal fitness bootcamp in Bolnore.
4) Enrol in a Bolnore club at the Woodside. These include as below:
 - Dance: school of dance, dance fitness, salsa, zumba (attended by some from the church)
 - Fitness: pilates, bounce and burn,
 - Sport: kick boxing, junior and adult football, netball
 - Kids: baby and toddler group, baby signing, hub kids club pre and post school, creation station, beavers, cubs or scouts
Click here for when these activities run.
Click here for details.
5) Get a regular team together for the pub quiz on the last Saturday of the month at Woodies bar in the Woodside.
6) Volunteer as a friend of Ashenground and Bolnore woods.
7) Even consider moving to Bolnore!

Wider Haywards Heath
1) Enrol your child in a local school and join the PTA or governors.
2) If you have no school aged children, see if you could serve as a school governor.
3) Volunteer with the foodbank run by local churches.
4) Volunteer with local charity "Care" helping local people in need with transport, shopping, visiting or other assistance (this is not a church based charity).
5) A list of other charities in the area can be found here.
6) Join a local sports team or club. Details can be found in the leisure/tourism section of the town council website.
7) A number of the church adults and children are involved in Haywards Heath cricket club.

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