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Members of Grace Church comment:


"Our teenagers love it. It used to be so hard with them." 

"Every Sunday I used to wake in a panic because of the stress of getting our children to church by nine thirty. Now we enjoy rest and family time at breakfast and really enjoy the day as the Lord's Day."

"I used to find that by the end of Sunday I had totally lost what I'd gained from church in the morning. I love being able to finish the day with God as I do now."


Some wonder why we meet at 4pm. For Christians, this time seems strange because many of us are in the habit of going to church on Sunday mornings. However, we have found it a particularly good fit for the modern life.


Better for friends and family

Those who are not yet Christians are reticent to lose their Sunday mornings, and so more likely to attend church on an afternoon. Teenagers and older children are the same, especially those involved in Sunday morning sport. Because of the time we meet, we are delighted to have children and young people coming to church every week in a way that is quite rare.


Better for busy weekends

For busy Christians too, Sunday morning can be the only opportunity they have to truly rest - and some may have to work. Because many spend weekends visiting friends and relatives, a number of Christians also struggle to be with their church family more than a couple of times a month. This means that they and their church profoundly miss out. Yet meeting at 4pm enables people to get back from elsewhere in time for church so that all can benefit from them being there each week.


Better for younger children

We would add that those with younger children find the 4pm time benefits them too. It saves having to interrupt daytime sleeps for babies and toddlers, and as younger children enjoy tea together after our service, they can be fed and home by 6pm, and so ready for bath and bed.


A better time making a better Sunday

Records show that the early church may have met during the night because this was the best time to ensure that everyone was able to gather together. We feel that meeting at 4pm serves a similar purpose. We would encourage you to give it a try for a few months and see how you find it. You will be surprised by the difference it makes.


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