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We try to make prayer a priority just as the early church did, encouraging it in and around all things. We are convinced that without the Lord's blessing nothing substantial can be achieved.


In addition to praying for one-another and the church in our daily private prayers, we therefore give at least half an hour each week to prayer within our community groups, and those who can meet in church from 3.30-3.45pm every Sunday to pray before our meeting.

We also hold a week of prayer each year, and devote a half day or night to prayer each term as we dedicate all that is coming up to our great God.


Our monthly prayer meeting is on the first Wednesday of every month, and is for everyone in the church family from secondary school age and upwards. It takes place from 7.45-9.00pm (7.30pm for our SALT group to enjoy chips) at 4 Lucas Grange, Haywards Heath, RH16 1JS (below).

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