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Do you sense there must be more to life? Can we really know?


For all sorts of reasons, Christians are not only convinced that there is a God, but that he is personal, that he cares, and that he is in control, and can be truly known in the person of Jesus Christ, who really is calling people to enjoy a new and everlasting life with him.

It is fantastic that you have found your way to this page because you are keen to think a little further about this. Here's three easy ways to do that:

1/ Read a short booklet I wrote on Christianity. It'll only take you around 30 minutes.   Just click the "Could it be true?" image to download it as a pdf.

2/ Browse the following website. It contains all sorts about the Christian message, answers to questions people have, and stories of people who have experienced Christ start to change their lives:

3/ Get in touch with me through the contact form below. I regularly meet people for a coffee in Haywards Heath to chat further about these things, and am keen this is done with no sense of pressure.

Jon Hobbs

Minister of Grace Church Haywards Heath

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